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Do Killer Rings use adhesive?
No. Simply lay each ring on the top of the appropriate sized drum and start playing. Adhesives are not required, nor should you use them. Killer Rings will stay on your drum until you remove them.

How long will Killer Rings last?
Each ring is made of a durable mylar plastic and will retain its shape and images if properly cared for. Users should avoid bending, scratching, or hitting the surface of the product. Though they are made to last, how long will be up to you.

Should Killer Rings be used in conjunction with other products?
No. Using additional rings, tapes, or gels along with Killer Rings will alter the Sound Formula and drown the drum projection.

Do the various designs offer any difference in sound?
No. All Killer Rings consistently provide the same overtone control and designs provide options for customization.

Is special pricing available for multiple orders?
Yes. Please contact us directly, prior to placing an order, for your special pricing.

Are more designs coming soon?
Of course! Keep an eye out for limited editions!

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